Teesside Aesthetics Ltd

Aesthetic Non Surgical Treatments 

Teesside Aesthetics Ltd owns the brands Teesside Fat Freezing, Teesside HIFU and Teesside Plasma Pen. Owned and run by Mandy Boylett, Teesside Aesthetics Ltd uses state of the art equipment and techniques to bring you the finest non-surgical aesthetic treatments available. Our mission is to offer you the best treatments and a completely personal, one on one, bespoke service. 

The Treatments

Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis)

Teesside HIFU


Teesside Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen (Fibroblast)..



Teesside Aesthetics Ltd


Check out HIFU Yarm for up to date info and some before and after photos on the state of the art 4D HIFU treatment available at the Yarm clinic.

The latest treatments available include Shockwave Therapy - either stand alone or in conjunction with fat freezing to improve and speed up the results; HIEMT - which stands for High Intensity Electromagnetic Therapy - a state of the art treatment which tones and tightens muscles in a few short sessions and Radio Frequency Microneedling - a treatment which combines the benefits of microneedling and radio frequency to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin.


You will find the latest information about Teesside Aesthetics Ltd on this page.


The company is constantly evolving and growing. New services will be added to this page as they become available. Note that Teesside Aesthetics Ltd specialises in aesthetic technological treatments and not standard beauty treatments.